Notable Cases

$275,000 Settlement

For a woman who fractured her femur when a deck collapsed on a property she was renting. The settlement against her landlord will help with medical expenses and other damages.

$237,000 Settlement

For a workers’ compensation claim.

$180,000 Settlement

In a workers’ compensation claim for hand and back injuries.

$150,000 Settlement

For a man who was permanently and totally disabled from work-related back injuries.

$120,000 Verdict

For a young girl who was injured by a ground pulverizer negligently parked on the defendant’s property. The St. Louis County jury found ABC Ball Park to be 100 percent at fault and awarded the young girl $120,000 for her suffering.

$65,000 Settlement

For a St. Genevieve, Missouri man who injured his back at work, resulting in back surgery.


A confidential settlement for a man who was severely injured on a construction site after dynamite caused a major explosion.


A confidential settlement for a man who died while on the job site in a rock quarry after a dynamite explosion caused rocks to fall on him.


A confidential settlement for the family of a 60-year-old woman who died in commuter plane crash.


For a confidential settlement for a 59-year-old woman who was misdiagnosed with degenerative arthritis instead of a serious bone infection. The failure to diagnose the bone infection (osteomyelitis) caused the woman to develop necrotizing fasciitis, a life-threatening infection of the tissues of the leg. After filing a lawsuit and engaging in extensive discovery, the case settled.