Sharing the road safely – Bicycle and Motorcycle Accidents

Bicycle Riding – Sharing the road safely

It’s no surprise that the number of bicyclists on the road increases during the summer. However, the simplicity of bike riding is often complicated by accidents, many of which occur on the road with cars and other vehicles. In fact, bicyclists are much more likely to sustain serious injury when an accident involves a car or other vehicle. The odds of staying safe improve dramatically if a bicyclist follows some simple safety tips:

Simple Bicycle Safety

  • Always follow the traffic laws.
  • Protect yourself by wearing a helmet any time you are bicycling.
  • Learn to be a defensive bicyclist who can anticipate a situation that is becoming dangerous.
  • If you bicycle at night, be sure to use a headlight and/or reflective clothing.
  • If you are turning, use arm and hand signals so that motorists can anticipate your change.
  • Be careful at intersections.
  • Never ride against traffic. Ride with traffic to avoid potential crashes.

However, even the safest bicyclists are still involved in serious accidents, often times with other vehicles. When this happens, the simplicity of bicycle riding suddenly becomes a frightening and complex experience for bicyclists and their families. Physical injury and mental anguish can be overwhelming. Medical bills can be astronomical. During this frustrating experience, it is important to remember your rights as a bicyclist. You are entitled to compensation for property damage, medical bills and mental anguish.

The personal ijury attorneys at Padberg, Corrigan & Appelbaum have experience in bicycle accidents and understand the rights of each bicyclist. We are here to promote the rights of victims and to navigate the complexities of the court system.   We can never take away the memories of an accident but we can help you overcome the obstacles that the accident causes. Contact us for a consultation. Your rights are our priority.