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Settlement for Jefferson County Man

$440,000.00 settlement for a Jefferson County man who sustained a neck injury in a motor vehicle collision with an 18-wheel tractor-trailer truck.

truck accident insurance settlement        truck accident insurance settlement
On October 29, 2007, at 6:50 a.m., Jim Dollar was involved in a motor vehicle crash with a tractor-trailer truck owned by A.J.’s Transport, Inc. and operated by Predrag Smiljanic. The collision occurred at the intersection of U.S. Highway 61 and the Interstate 55 South exit ramp in Jefferson County, Missouri.

At the time of the collision, Mr. Dollar was traveling westbound on U.S. 61 near Festus, Missouri. The A.J.’s Transport, Inc. 18-wheel tractor-trailer truck was proceeding southbound on the Interstate 55 exit ramp and was intending to make a left-hand turn onto eastbound Highway 61. The tractor-trailer truck had stopped at a stop sign and failed to yield to traffic on Highway 61. Mr. Dollar was driving his pickup truck below the 55 mph speed limit when the A.J.’s Transport, Inc. tractor-trailer failed to yield and pulled directly into the path of Mr. Dollar’s vehicle. Mr. Dollar struck the rear tandem axles of the 18-wheeler. Prior to the impact, Mr. Dollar attempt to avoid the collision by applying his brakes and left 61 feet of skid marks at the accident scene.

The tractor-trailer truck was carrying a load that weighed over 35,000 lbs. The 18-wheeler had gross total weight at the time of the impact was 75,000 lbs. The impact caused Mr. Dollar to strike his head on the windshield and break the windshield. Mr. Dollar sustained a permanent neck injury and was required to undergo surgery for his neck injury.

Following the surgery, Mr. Dollar underwent extensive physical therapy. Mr. Dollar returned to work as a dump truck driver following the recuperation from his injuries from the motor vehicle collision. Mr. Dollar incurred medical treatment and the medical bills incurred exceeded $150,000.00. The lawsuit was filed in the Jefferson County Circuit Court located in Hillsboro, Missouri and the lawyers at The Padberg & Corrigan Law Firm successfully reached a favorable settlement for $440,000.00 on November 20, 2009, during a court-ordered mediation.

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