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Four Injured in School Bus Accident in North St. Louis – Sept. 24, 2012

Four people were injured last week following a school bus and car collision at the intersection of Sullivan and Bishop Scott Avenues in North St. Louis.  According to KMOV news, those individuals were taken away in ambulances and hospitalized.

In Arkansas this past week a 7-year-old girl was tragically killed when she was hit by a school bus in her rural area west of Hot Springs.  The accident happened at roughly 6:30 a.m., apparently during the morning darkness.

More than twenty students were injured in Tennessee this past week after the school bus they were riding in flipped three times.

Five elementary school students in Maryland, were taken to the hospital after complaining of neck and back injuries following a school bus collided with another vehicle.

Every school day over 22 million kids ride school buses to and from school and school related activities, and while school buses are considered the safest mode of transportation for children going to and from school, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that an average of 24 school-age children die in school transportation related crashes each year.  Of those 24 on average,  11 were passengers and 13 pedestrians.  The number of injuries numbers in the thousands.

Given the recent tragic accidents listed above, we applaud the NHTSA continuing efforts to make what is generally safe transportation even safer.

The NHTSA has issued publications concerning the proper use of safety restraint systems in school buses as well as guidelines regarding the re-use of child restraint systems in school buses after crashes.


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