, Recognizing The Signs And Symptoms Of Elder Abuse – Dec. 12, 2014

Recognizing The Signs And Symptoms Of Elder Abuse – Dec. 12, 2014

In 2009, the last year for which data is available, the number of individuals in the United States over the age of 65 was 39.6 million, or roughly 12 percent of the entire population. By 2030 that number will grow to 72.1 million persons, or 19 percent of the population....

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, The Growing Problem of Elder Abuse – July 31, 2014

The Growing Problem of Elder Abuse – July 31, 2014

Elder abuse and neglect is defined as intentional actions which cause harm or create a serious risk of harm to a vulnerable elder individual from a caregiver or other person who stands in a trust relationship, including failure to provide basic needs or protect them from harm. With the population...

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, Truck Driver Charged in I-55 Accident that Killed 4 – July 26, 2014

Truck Driver Charged in I-55 Accident that Killed 4 – July 26, 2014

A truck driver from Leesburg, Indiana was arrested this past Tuesday and charged with two class 4 felonies, falsifying a log book and willful violation of a log book, after he was involved in a multi-vehicle crash that killed four and left four others injured. Francisco Espinal-Quiroz, 51, crashed his...

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, National Stand-Down for Fall Prevention in Construction – July 20, 2014

National Stand-Down for Fall Prevention in Construction – July 20, 2014

The U.S. Labor Department’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) held a national stand-down last month to bring attention to, and raise awareness of, the prevalence of falls in the construction industry. Falls are the leading cause of death among construction workers, accounting for one third of all work-related deaths....

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, Grilling Safety Tips – July 1, 2014

Grilling Safety Tips – July 1, 2014

With the fourth of July coming up this weekend, grilling season is in full swing. July is the peak season for grilling according to the National Fire Protection Association. It is important to be reminded however that grills fires can ignite in an instant and can lead to serious injury,...

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, Construction’s “Fatal Four” – June 23, 2014

Construction’s “Fatal Four” – June 23, 2014

Workplace safety has come a long way over the past several decades. Since 1970, the number of workplace fatalities have declined by over sixty five percent, with a similar decline in workplace related illnesses and injuries. This has happened during a period where the overall employment numbers have nearly doubled....

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, World Elder Abuse Awareness Day – June 15th, 2014

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day – June 15th, 2014

Today, June 15th, is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD).  WEAAD was launched in 2006 by the International Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse and the World Health Organization at the United Nations. The purpose was to encourage individuals and organizations to raise awareness about and help prevent, identify...

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Avoiding the Risks of Accidental Drowning – June 3, 2014

The beginning of summer also means the beginning of pool season and vacations which increase the risks of accidental drowning. Approximately ten people die per day in a drowning accident in the United States, twenty percent of which are children under fourteen. Drowning is the second leading cause of death...

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Summer is a Dangerous Time for Teen Drivers – May 25, 2014

With the Memorial Day weekend, we mark the beginning of summer and all the wonderful things and experiences that summer brings.  This next 3 month period between Memorial Day and Labor Day is also the most dangerous for teen drivers, and is what the National Safety Council calls the “100...

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Window Blind Cords Strangulation Hazard – May 18, 2014

Recent strangulation deaths in infants from window covering cords have prompted a new cry for increased action from federal regulators.  The Consumer Federation of America pointed to the death of four children in twenty two days earlier this year to highlight the ongoing problem.  A 6-year-old Maryland girl was killed...

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Nursing Home Falls – May 11, 2014

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, roughly 1800 nursing home residents die every year from fall related injuries.   Those that survive those falls often suffer the residual effects of hip fractures and head injuries as a result of the fall. While only about 5 percent of adults...

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Baby Gates and The Prevention of TBI in Infants – May 4, 2014

Baby gates used by parents to keep their children out of areas of the home and protect them from falling down stairs, do not yet provide the amount of protection that parents may believe. A recent study by Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio has indicated that the number of...

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Eye Safety in the Workplace – April 28, 2014

Every day in the United States, roughly 2000 eye injuries occur each day with half of those occurring in the workplace.  Seventy percent of those injuries according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) occur from falling or flying objects or sparks striking the eye.  Many of these objects can...

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GM Faulty Ignition Switch Deaths Prompt Reorganization – April 23, 2014

In the wake of the fallout on the GM faulty ignition switch recall, GM has announced a reorganization of its engineering department and has hired an additional thirty five product safety investigators in addition to the twenty it already has.  The ignition switch recall encompasses nearly 2.6 million vehicles and...

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