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June 1, 2011
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June 20, 2011
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6 injured in Tractor Trailer accident in Boone County – June 14, 2011

A tractor trailer accident on Highway 63 in Boone County has resulted in a summons being issued to the driver.  Pearl Anderson from Pine Bluff, Arkansas was driving a 2009 Freightliner northbound on U.S. 63 near Route AB when she failed to notice that traffic up ahead had slowed due to another accident further north.

Anderson swerved and struck three vehicles in her path. The semi first struck the rear passenger side of a 2000 Chevrolet driven by Gilberto Rodriguez of Columbia, Missouri. Mr. Rodriguez’s car was forced off the left side of the roadway, entrapping a passenger and totaling the vehicle.  The passenger suffered minor injuries.  The big rig then struck a 2000 Buick driven by Janice Palmer, also of Columbia.  Her vehicle was struck in the rear and forced off the left side of the roadway, leaving her trapped in her car with moderate injuries. Finally, the eighteen-wheeler struck a 1997 Mercury driven by Amber Splitter, forcing it of the left side of the roadway and injuring two of her passengers, one of which was a one year old child.  The Freightliner continued in motion, traveling off the left side of the roadway, losing its load of rebar in the median.

The Freightliner suffered extensive damage and the three struck vehicles were all listed as totaled.  All of the injured were taken by ambulance to University Hospital.

Upon investigation it appears the truck driver was simply lost in her thought and not paying attention.  The sheer mass of tractor-trailers makes them exceptionally dangerous when traveling at speed and colliding with much smaller and lighter vehicles. Please be careful when traveling near semis as a single moment of inattention can mean life or death.  In this case, all parties can be very thankful that no one was killed.


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