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February 1, 2012
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February 1, 2012
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$300,000 for Husband and Wife Injured in Motorcycle Accident

The attorneys at The Padberg & Corrigan Law firm were successful in obtaining a $300,000 settlement for their clients who were seriously injured while on a motorcycle. The clients, who are husband and wife, were riding on their motorcycle in the City of St. Louis when another vehicle drove into their lane of traffic. In an effort to avoid the collision, the motorcycle driver “laid down the bike” on the roadway. Both the driver and passenger were thrown from the motorcycle.
Both of the clients sustained significant injuries. One client sustained a burst fracture in her lower spine and underwent a back fusion, where surgical hardware in the form of rods and screws, were placed into her spine.
The other client sustained a fractured hip that required surgery to repair the fracture.
The settlement was reached with the opposing driver’s insurance company for the $300,000 policy limits.

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