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23 Injured in School Bus Rollover in Kansas – August 23, 2013

Twenty two sixth grade children from the private Pembroke Hill School in Kansas City, along with the driver, were injured just before 1 p.m. on Wednesday afternoon, as the school bus they were passengers in lost control on a highway ramp and rolled on its side.

The injured students, along with the driver, were taken to five different hospitals in the area of the crash. The Johnson County Fire Department considered four of the injuries serious, five moderate and the rest relatively minor.  Injuries included several concussions and a possible traumatic brain injury according to reports, along with bruises and a possible spinal injury and leg injury.   The driver, Elmer Scott Jr., 66 was the most seriously injured and was taken to Overland Park Regional Hospital after being cut out of the bus. Nine patients were received at the University of Kansas Hospital, with three being admitted and the others discharged.

The bus was carrying thirty six students and was on its way to Tall Oaks Camp in Linwood Kansas for an overnight activity to kick off the new school year.  The bus ran off an exit ramp connecting southbound K-7 with K-32 in Bonner Springs, and slipped down a hill as it came to rest on its side.   According to the crash report, the passenger side tires of the bus left the roadway and the rear end slid sideways and down the embankment when the driver attempted to apply the brakes and steer the tires back on.  It is suspected that the bus was traveling too fast to adequately navigate the ramp.

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